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Is AnyBoard the best Is AnyBoard easy to install
Is AnyBoard easy to administer Can your board do this

Is AnyBoard the best?

Many customers think so, and we think so too. AnyBoard is by far the most advanced. No other boards come close to AnyBoard's capabilities and ease of use.  AnyBoard's amazing versatility is a big part of why our customers consider it the best program available and an integral part of their online communities.

One of AnyBoard's capability is its capability to be customized to fit your web site's design. Most message boards has a rather fixed and rigid look & feel. AnyBoard allows you to change the whole look & feel via the admin panel by setting different configuration parameters. Users have even configured to make it look like other boards such as wwwboard or ubb, under the hood, they still get all the powerful stuff found in no other bbs.

You can configure AnyBoard in any way you want: a threaded board, a non-threaded board, a hybrid, a guest book, with frame interface or without, etc; you can list the message topics in sort by any fields, such as first post time, last post time, avarage post time, subject, message number, etc; and you can control the board in any way you want: from optional to required registration, e-mail validation, require cookies enabled, require HTTP authentication, etc; there are a lot more.  Almost any functional or esthetic feature you can imagine is already a part of AnyBoard.

Most important of all, AnyBoard is designed be scalable, robust and secure. AnyBoard is built to handle heavy load situations. Many AnyBoard forums have over 15,000 active (threaded) messages and one sees almost no performance degradation. AnyBoard is designed to be robust, it correctly handles concurrent users and will never corrupt data. AnyBoard is secure, because we understand Internet security and build in security checks at all levels.

We don't expect any other board to be able to match AnyBoard in the near future, if ever. However, AnyBoard could not reach its status today without the input from users like you. Often times, a customer brings up a new idea, and our reaction is: "how could we have missed such an interesting feature?" A lot of the new functions, or new ways to use existing ones,  are suggested and inspired by users. AnyBoard debuted only a couple of years ago, and its capabilities are already unmatched, and they are certainly unsurpassed. We should be all proud of this. AnyBoard is better because our users ask for more, and our users get what they want, usually very fast.

As a new user, you will probably find AnyBoard provides elegant solutions to your needs. As a current user, you may find that AnyBoard has added new functions you wanted since your last visit to this page.

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Bulletin Boards
We invite you to look at some AnyBoards.

Is AnyBoard easy to install?

It is and we are not exaggerating! The reason is simple: first, AnyBoard consists of a single perl script; secondly, there are only two places you need to change in the script: the path to perl and the path to a configuration directory you choose. It can't be easier than that!  One or two more will allow you to take advantage of several e-mail functions in AnyBoard.

Is AnyBoard easy to administer?

Yes. Because everything is done through the admin panel using the browser.

Can your board do this?

-Same board, different configuration

AnyBoard has over 300 independent parameters, so the number of different configurations is at least 2^300 (how many?)

We have adjusted a few parameters on style/presentation, and configure the Support forum in different ways, click here to have a look.

Most other boards can be reduced to a special case of AnyBoard (and with much fewer features). AnyBoard has 5 configuration parameters that define the basic layout of the messages

  • Depth of links on main page (thread display level) 
  • Whether to put all follow-ups of a message in a single file (inlining)
  • Whether to indent the inlined messages 
  • Whether to use unordered list (like wwwboard) or configurable spacers(such as spaces or blank images) for thread indentation. 
  • Whether to column justify fields in the message links. 
For example, by setting the depth of links to 1, inline to true, thread inline to false, you get the basic layout of some other board. This is just one example of the power of AnyBoard's configuration capability.

Some boards use various small icons, in AnyBoard, every fixed label (such as Re:, Posted by,...) can be set to an icon, and there are over 40 such labels.

Is AnyBoard the best Is AnyBoard easy to install
Is AnyBoard easy to administer Can your board do this

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