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"Anyboard is THE ultimate bulletin board system.”, “It will simply do more, easier and more quickly, than any of the more than fifty systems I've looked at closely over these last three plus weeks.” -- Doc Carney, Patriot News (Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Bulletin Boards)

“AnyBoard is very close to being the ideal tool for creating FAQs and this could open the enormous market of help-desks.”--Jean Ichbiah

“Thank you AnyBoard... Our site is now receiving 1,000,000+ hits per month” –

“Thanks for creating a very high quality product. Incredible!” --Terry L. Allison II

“Thanks, I love Anyboard!” --Lazar

“I am in love with Anyboard. Was think of going with WebX and so glad I didn't!” -- mtronic

"To my dismay, I found FrontPage boards very difficult to modify and very time-consuming to administer: I spent several hours each week last summer “pruning” the Table of Contents lists to about 300 links, for example. …and to the future I began looking for new site software last August. After spending a few weeks reviewing more than a hundred software titles, I settled on one – just as harvest arrived. ... What to expect One of the first things you will notice is an increase in complexity. While this may seem daunting at first, you will soon learn your way around. You can register if you like, but it isn’t required. There is no Next or Previous buttons; instead you navigate using an image of the thread. Or you can choose to view the entire thread at once with an “inline” format option. HTML is now fully functional in your messages and file uploads are easy. You can even design a personalized signature that will appear at the bottom of each of your messages. " -- David (

"This shows the importance of data formats when choosing tools... I switched to anyboards because it uses a simple standardized (MIME) file format" --- Colas Nahaboo



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